Monday, January 31, 2011

break through!!!

I have had a break through with working out. It has become the favorite part of my day and I love the feeling of my muscles aching the next morning because I worked hard the day before. I also worked out with a friend who is very skinny and in shape most of the time. However when we were doing bleachers and abs I literally could have done more and wasn't tired the next day like she was. I know that is terrible to say out loud and I shouldn't compare myself but it just felt awsome.
What I really need to work on now is my eating habits I'm starting to crave the good foods. However my portions are not necessarily to scale. Also It is very late right now and the reason I am up so late is because of the two monsters that I drank in order to do a all nighter that turned into a half nighter. I didn't realize that I had already covered most of the information I would need for the test. Which is great, although the not being able to go to sleep part sucks. From now on I am swearing to never drink an energy drink for an all nighter. I will just have some tea or coffee.
I really hope I do well on this test tomorrow its at 8 in the morning so I can either stay up until 8 or when ever I start to crash ill go to bed and just wake up. Although I am worried I wont get up. I think I may just stay up until 8 go to my classes that end at 11 and then crash. I' m just hoping I don't crash right before my test because that would defeat the whole purpose of my all nighter.
I guess I learned my lesson not to wait to the last second to study even though I did study and just didn't think I knew the material. Basically I'm mainly regreting drinking those two monsters because now I can not go to bed and I'm shaking from all the caffine. maybe water and some ab work outs will help. I guess thats it for now. Tomorrows work out if there is one will be an easy one. I have to work until 1 am tomorrow  night too, but I may just have to fall asleep for a little while....

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