Monday, January 31, 2011

break through!!!

I have had a break through with working out. It has become the favorite part of my day and I love the feeling of my muscles aching the next morning because I worked hard the day before. I also worked out with a friend who is very skinny and in shape most of the time. However when we were doing bleachers and abs I literally could have done more and wasn't tired the next day like she was. I know that is terrible to say out loud and I shouldn't compare myself but it just felt awsome.
What I really need to work on now is my eating habits I'm starting to crave the good foods. However my portions are not necessarily to scale. Also It is very late right now and the reason I am up so late is because of the two monsters that I drank in order to do a all nighter that turned into a half nighter. I didn't realize that I had already covered most of the information I would need for the test. Which is great, although the not being able to go to sleep part sucks. From now on I am swearing to never drink an energy drink for an all nighter. I will just have some tea or coffee.
I really hope I do well on this test tomorrow its at 8 in the morning so I can either stay up until 8 or when ever I start to crash ill go to bed and just wake up. Although I am worried I wont get up. I think I may just stay up until 8 go to my classes that end at 11 and then crash. I' m just hoping I don't crash right before my test because that would defeat the whole purpose of my all nighter.
I guess I learned my lesson not to wait to the last second to study even though I did study and just didn't think I knew the material. Basically I'm mainly regreting drinking those two monsters because now I can not go to bed and I'm shaking from all the caffine. maybe water and some ab work outs will help. I guess thats it for now. Tomorrows work out if there is one will be an easy one. I have to work until 1 am tomorrow  night too, but I may just have to fall asleep for a little while....

Friday, January 21, 2011

college life

            So yestarday I ate probably more than I should of, but today I started off pretty good. I had a bowl of yogurt and eggs. I probably could of done with out the ketchup but what ever. I have been pretty good so far. Anyways, college is tough to get skinny.
           I have so many unanwsered questions that I want to be answered right now, and hard to focus on the here and now. For instance what am I going to do when I get out of college? Where will I be when I graduate? Will I settle down? If so who will I be with? scary question.. will I have kids? Who will I be in 5 years? I realize that these are questions that are impossible to answer right now, but they are always the lingering thoughts in the back of my mind. However, I have noticed that everyday I work out, it gets easier to focus on the here and now. So I guess what I just have to do is focus on what my objectives are for each day. Moreover, have faith that life will lead me right where I am supposed to be in that moment.
           I feel like college in general though helps you figure out who you are as a person, not by getting a higher education although that is important, but moreso by the people you meet. The actual interations that you make with the people that surround you. Sometimes the lessons of friendship and relationships make you more experienced in the real world than any classroom. There are a variety of people and things to do at colleges but what do you want to do? Its very overwelhming and to be honest Im invovled in a lot and wish
I could do even more, but honestly its tiring trying to do everything. Therefore you want to be in something that makes you feel good about yourself. Keep the people with good auras and make you feel good around you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

California here I come!!!

           I would like to personally thank everyone for commenting and following my blog. It has been so helpful to my progress. I realize that it has been a while since I have posted. However it took a little while to get back in to the grove of school and work.
           One of my main concerns with coming back to school was scheduling. In the past I never stuck to a routine, or if I did, I was not consistant. However, I approached my work out schedule a little differently this semester. I have an unoffical schedule that I follow. The key to the schedule is though work out everyday at one point or another during the day. The other is to eat less and work out more. I have maintained this for a straight week and a half and I lost 6 pounds!!!! I'm super excited and can already picture myself with a great figure running on the beach in california for spring break! I think if I just keep that picture of myself looking great on the beach, it will keep me motivated. California here I come!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

getting better.... thanks for the comments and followings!

     So I haven't exactly, been working out twice a day. However, I am more active then I was before starting this blog.  First off I want to thank everyone for commenting and giving me some advice, it definately gave me things to think about, and I figure out what I was missing. Goals, I have always been, and always will be a goal oriented person. Even as a young kid I always had a goals list for myself, and although one of them was to play soccer in college (which didn't happen). I realized finally, that its ok I didn't play soccer in college, and that my goals need be tailored to my life right now. I can't go back and therefore have to look forward to the future.
    My college is pretty close to a beach, and therefore there are a lot of fun runs that I can do to help all sorts of non-profits. So I'm going to look into that for sure. The goal that I'm working on right now is a half-marathon at  the end of may. Now that I have a goal it's been easier to work out, and train for it. The one thing that is still kind of wieghing me down is food.
   Food. I just love it way to much to give it up. ha. I know the principal of losing wieght is to exersize more than you eat. Its just down right tough. I come from an irish and itailian family, and we eat. Thats just how it has always been. Thankfully though I'm off to school agian in a day. So now I just have to make better choices at school.
   Today for exersize I went for a 2 mile run, and packed all my stuff in the car to leave to go back to school. Today was a good day, hopefully the much needed start to my new year. new me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

lazyness is taking over my life....HELP!

   Its now officially supposed to be the day I started being healthier. I can say that I worked out, but I can't say it was for very long at all; about 10 minutes. Got bored and stopped. What the hell is my problem?  I really don't have the motivation and drive that I used to have. I stopped working out this morning for the dumbest excuse in the world. I knew someone at the gym.
    Yestarday I said that I was going to have this whole extravagant plan for the up and coming semester. The fact is I didn't look up anything. I ate horribly and I worked out for a total of ten minutes. ugh..... I need some motivation. I just don't know what?
     I feel like sometimes I sabatoge myself because I'm not supposed to be thin. I'm not cool or pretty enought to compete with the other girls my age. The other giant part of this equation is I'm not taking my medicine anymore.
   I have been on some sort of adderal since the second grade every day. In high school I switched for vivanse because the regular adderal I was on was making me depressed. The vivanse I noticed worked great throughout high school. However when my sophomore year of college rolled around I was beginning to go through another depression. I was put on depression medication, and it did work. However, I didn't want to become dependent, and I also noticed that on days where I ran in the morning, I didn't really need my depression medication.
   Its not that I'm not willing to run, because I am its I'm extremely lazy when it comes to doing any sort of exersize by on my own. Lately this lazyness has really taken over my life. which is why I need to get a plan and stick to it. I know I tend to talk the talk and never really walk the walk. But right now as of right now I am.
   Tonight, while I was eating dinner I looked down at my stomach. One of the buttons on my flannel shirt came undone. Ugh... was the first thing that came to my mind. I think I have finally found my motivation. Lets just say I saw a keg instead of a six pack. gross.

Friday, December 31, 2010

new years resolution pro active!

       They say in order to be active one must be proactive. Even though, it is the day before new years its got to be better to start now rather then tomorrow. I'm a college junior, and the college I attend is right next to the beach. Therefore when you gain 30 pounds since freshman year, people notice. My new years resolution is to lose the 30 pounds in the next 6 months. Every year since high school the scale has gone up to my now wieght of 162 pounds. I'm only 5'3 and 1/2 tall. So for my frame thats a lot of wieght.
         I have always been active my entire life. My wieght went up in high school because of muscle when I was running cross country, and playing soccer. However, I went to college thinking I would walk on the team and when I was denied for the stupidest reason. I became a little bitter about working out and soccer in general. Through the years I have definately realized that it was for the best. I got to do things, and meet people I never would of met if I had played. College has been a wild ride ever since.
        Unfortunately, college comes with its highs and its lows. The high was that I had realized that my dreams of soccer had turned into many other new hobbies and dreams. The low was now the 30 pounds that I gained trying to figure out what my new dreams were. My dreams and wants are still far from clear at this point, but what I do know is this 30 pounds is not apart of my future.
        Its so hard to figure out what I should do to lose it which is why today will be spent figuring out which way will be the best. Like my grandfather always told me be PROACTIVE Emily that is the only way you will get anywhere in life! haha! So I'm finally taking his advice ,and I think as of right now wieght watchers might be my best choice. I just got a smart phone which could be good helping me track my calorie intake. Tomorrow I will come up with the plan for at least the first six months that I have to follow and blog about. If anyone has any other suggestion I could def use them. I have never used a blog, and don't really know how this stuff works so any suggestions would definately help.